Smokes for free you say?  Yes, like the name of this website indicates, once you have your homegrown tobacco patch up and running, you too can have smokes for free.  Just like I do!  I have been growing my own tobacco for many years, and believe me, there's nothing like growing your own.  It's a nice feeling knowing you're not paying outrageous prices for your smokes and it's also a nice feeling knowing that your homegrown tobacco isn't loaded with unnecessary chemicals.  All my seeds are grown using organic methods.  If I can grow 'em, so can you!  Tobacco from my homegrown seeds makes a fine cigarette, chew or snuff.  Tobacco leaves can be brewed into a natural insecticide for your garden as well.  Included with my seed pack kit will be easy, simplified instructions so you too can beat the tobacco companies at their own game.  If you smoke, why smoke added chemicals and be the victim of tobacco companies and poor farming practices. Grow your own natural tobacco like I did.  It's easy!  These seeds I sell germinate very fast, because they are fresh, grown by me and ready for this years growing season.  I recently got an email from a friend who said his seeds sprouted in 3 days.  That's fast!  I won't sell you old seeds.  I want you to have as much success as I have had at growing tobacco. I guarantee that my seeds are very viable and will sprout very easily for you.
   Baby tobacco plants in their starter tray, just a few weeks old.
Young tobacco plants a few weeks later after being transferred into my garden.
A couple months later, tobacco is 5 - 6 feet or more tall and in flower.  Some folks like to grow tobacco just to look at their tropical looking leaves and beautiful trumpet flowers.  They just keep flowering once they start!
Tobacco leaves can get huge ... plenty of cigarettes in this one leaf!
When the tobacco is cut at the proper time and hung, the leaves turn from green to gold ... then brown ... it's a beautiful sight to behold!
Tobacco after it's been hung and cured for a while ... I think I'll make a tasty cigarette now!

To prepare, it's as simple as rolling up and cutting fine with scissors, you can also use a paper cutter to get a very fine cut and even a food processor, if you're careful.

The Six Tobacco Strains that I'm currently offering for sale.  Click on the Leaf to get more info about the tobacco type.

Kentucky Burley

Shaman's Rustica

Iranian Sherazi

Virginian Gold


Orinoco, classic pipe tobacco strain.
Kentucky Burley, a standard for cigarettes.
Rose is spicy rich tobacco, great smoke.
Sherazi, excellent turkish type tobacco, great alone or in blends.
Rustica tobacco, strongest tobacco on the planet, good in blends.
Virginian, the lightest golden tobacco, very smooth smoke.
Whether you want to grow a  big patch of tobacco or just a few patio plants in pots, these seeds will work wonders for you.  I had one customer who was growing my tobacco indoors, under lights and made his own pipe tobacco!  Some folks blend their own tobacco and produce their smokes for free, some people like to grow just a few plants and mix their homegrown tobacco with commercial tobacco and still save a lot of $$money$$!

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